Skin Supplements And Plastic Surgery

Are skin supplements powerful enough to improve skin health?

Many magazines and articles on the internet have established that in order to have a beautiful and healthy skin you need to focus primarily on three things:

  • Diet
  • Exercise
  • Supplements

Here at dallas medical skin care we want to give you a complete guide on what to do in these 3 areas in order to maintain a healthy skin. Furthermore, we would like to direct you to the best places to get plastic surgery done if you don’t mind traveling to Mexico, as our recommended skin reconstructive surgeons reside in Tijuana (they will take really good care of your skin).

Healthy Skin

Let’s begin with Diet… 

What foods do I need to eat?

Most of us don’t want to face this reality, but in order to start becoming healthier human beings we need to stop eating such bad foods, yes, this means that we need to say goodbye to burgers and candy. For the healthiest skin you can get you need to increase the number of fruits and vegetables in your diet, try to eat fruits from all different colors, as these colors represent a different nutrient or vitamin that the fruit has, so eating many different colored fruits means that you’re getting plenty of different nutrients that your body needs to be healthy overall.

Not only are these foods good for your skin, but they can prevent other diseases too. They are very good for your heart, and they bring a lot of quick energy you can use throughout the day as fruits are very sugary (which means they have plenty of energy for you).


Now, the second most important point that you need to focus on in order to improve your skin health is your exercise routine.

How much should I exercise and what is the best routine?

The best type of exercise you can do in order to improve your skin is cardio, take out your running shoes and jogging clothes because you’re going to need to run around town at least 1 or 2 miles every day. Running (or any other cardiovascular exercise) is good for both your heart and your skin because it increases blood flow and circulation. Increased circulation of blood flow makes it so that nutrients in the blood get absorbed and used by your organs, including your skin, at a faster rate. There is no best “routine” for this, you can do whatever kind of exercise you prefer. It can be cycling, running, jogging, or playing any sport like soccer or tennis since those are very cardio oriented sports.

Jogging for skin care

What supplemenst should I take for a healthy skin?

We recommend that you take daily supplements of vitamins C and E, keep in mind that these are meal SUPPLEMENTS and not meal REPLACEMENTS, you should not stop eating your fruits and vegetables, this is only a good addition to your diet, but having a healthy diet and exercising regularly are the main two factors that help improve skin health. You can ask your local vitamin store for recommendations on good creams and body lotions to moisturize the skin too.